We understand what is
required to inspire innovation
in business today. 



Recent studies have shown that organizations are struggling with the concept of disciplined innovation and do not always utilize a defined innovation structure.  Many organizations are still approaching innovation by remaining in separate silos and deploying cursory techniques which result in isolated and incomplete innovation efforts.


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We believe that for innovation to be truly successful, you must incorporate a well balanced approach of three key elements; Business Needs,Technology Targets and User Wants.


IN2 Innovation will move you beyond the limitations of traditional business practices by using groundbreaking methodologies that will deliver timely and actionable recommendations based on sound insights and market intelligence, while providing a proven strategy to carry these recommendations to market.

Working with IN2 Innovation will enable you to: 


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Innovation Process Consulting
To properly navigate a path of milestones and stage gates in a New Product Development (NPD) program, it is crucial that your journey begin by taking the correct steps forward.  We equip our partners with the necessary gear, goals and guidance to scale even the largest product challenges.


Brainstorm Workshops
Our sessions are more than just pizza parties and post-it notes.  They are founded on rapid data collection and qualitative submersion.  Ideas rise from user empathy and understanding.  The outcome is always visual and focused.


User-Centered Research
In our exploratory approach we observe and talk to people, shop for and try products.  Our methods are ethnographic in nature, and may include participant observation, artifact analysis, photo and diary studies, contextual inquiry, and other techniques to submerge ourselves in the human experience. 


Industrial Design
Our dedicated design team creates and develops concepts and specifications aimed at optimizing the functions, value and appearance of newly defined products and systems.  The solutions are illustrated in a clear and concise manner to showcase the benefits to the user, manufacturer and brand.


Graphical User Interfaces
In today’s technically advanced world, even some of the simplest products can be complex to use and understand.  We creatively think through the full depth of use scenarios to design and develop multi-platform, compelling and easy to 
engage operations.


Mechanical Development
We collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop innovative products that are cost effective and meet the proposed specifications.   Our team ensures that new product designs function properly and can be manufactured while maintaining the desired design integrity.


Rapid Prototypes
Striking a balance of virtual (CAD) and physical modeling is crucial to design success.  Our construction of function/form models, 3-D printing and machined prototypes are all necessary to properly perform product testing for internal evaluation as well as for customer and consumer testing and feedback.


Service Design
Our innovation strengths apply to services as well as products.  Our efforts typically focus on creating services and service systems, which make human interaction with brands, products and environments more meaningful, profitable and sustainable to consumers, providers and society.


Merchandising Strategy
How a product is displayed in a retail environment plays an important role to the brand and the bottom line.  We capture insights from in-depth interviews and retail market research to create merchandising and packaging that works together.  The solution catches the eye, builds interest and supports the sale.





Chief Innovation Officer

Brian Roderman is the President and Chief Innovation Officer of IN2 Innovation.  Brian has worked in the design consultancy business for 25 years, and is frequently a featured speaker on design and innovation at events and symposiums worldwide.  He has extensive design experience in consumer electronics, consumer products, housewares, transportation, telecommunications, and business-to-business industries.

He is active with the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), having held six terms on the IDSA National Board of Directors.  He was recently awarded an IDSA Fellowship, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member within the society.



Chief Integration Officer

Ken Buras has an innate appreciation for what drives great design and a healthy obsession with finding the best way to produce products. Ken has a broad development background and has worked with companies of all sizes and scope, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

During his 25+ years of experience in developing innovative solutions and establishing global sourcing and manufacturing networks, Ken has facilitated the development of dozens of products ranging from personal computers and consumer products to high-touch light industrial products.  Ken is also the President of IN2 International, a global manufacturing and sourcing company.



Chief Coordination Officer

Summer Xia (Xia Xudong) has worked in the import and export business in China since 1992. He is very active in building business relationships between China and abroad using his strong communications skills.  He has over 15 years of experience in establishing China sourcing and manufacturing networks, leading China teams, developing business operation practices and product development. 

Summer has worked in a variety of industries, i.e. textile, chemistry, machinery, electronics etc. and commonly interacts with customers and suppliers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa as well as China.



Creative Director

David Singer is a design strategist with 15 years of experience collaborating with clients to create innovative product design and service experiences that help clients achieve positive growth.  As Creative Director at IN2, he is involved in the entire product development process applying the appropriate balance of strategy, research, aesthetics and functionality to consumer electronics, consumer products, medical equipment, business to business products, and the telecommunications industry.

He has been recognized for many industry design awards, including IDEA, Japan’s G-Mark, multiple CES Innovations and Appliance Manufacturing Awards, and holds over 20 patents.



Design Manager

Justin Pendleton is a skilled designer who excels at finding a creative balance of consumer empathy, market insights, and design strategy.  He applies his 10+ years of diverse experience as IN2’s Design Manager.  Justin excels at rapid idea generation and form development, and he guides our design team with a clever mix of emotionally-driven experiences on a solid technically-inclined foundation.

Justin received his BFA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design after building a design foundation in Architecture and Art History at Texas Tech.  He has a broad professional background, designing a wide range of products in both consultancies and corporate environments, and he holds over 15 patents.



Project Office Manager

Yi-Ping Wong is a diverse facilitator with an emphasis on bringing big picture plans to life. She is responsible for the coordination of day-to-day operational needs as well as the development of programs that improve the efficiency of the organization.  She manages and monitors the client’s projects in a real-time, rapidly changing environment.

Yi-Ping holds a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design. Her understanding of culture and experience brings a broad spectrum of design thinking which she merges with different creative techniques into daily management and communications.