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Danco Handheld Bidet Glamour

Danco partnered with IN2 Innovation to develop the GoBidet product line, a series of attachable bidet products that work with existing bathroom fixtures.  IN2 collaborated on a product line review and market analysis to detail the opportunity spaces in the bidet market, which supported both user-friendly refinements to existing GoBidet products and the creation of new options.  The result is a well-rounded suite of bidet products that deliver a convenient, comfortable hygiene experience.

Demand for bidets is on the rise in the US, especially from the aging baby boomer population and those who come from a culture where the bidet is a common bathroom feature.  But can you have the most comfortable cleaning experience if your home is not equipped with a bidet fixture? 

IN2 Danco Opportunity Map

The team assessed demographics, preferences, needs, and geographical distribution throughout the country.  Two major user group opportunities were identified in the market.  The first user group consists of the many users that come to the US from cultures where bidet usage is common - such as Europe, Japan, India, the Middle East, and many others.  This group prefers a less expensive, handheld bidet that can easily attach to the toilet.


Second, as the US population ages and baby boomers reach retirement, more older adults are choosing bidets for easier hygiene.  Older users need an easy installation process and comfortable ergonomic features to facilitate use by those with arthritis and other age-related considerations.

Not only are bidets the preferred choice of many users, there is also a tremendous environmental benefit to more bidet usage.  The United States annually produces approximately 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper, from about 15 million trees.  Toilet paper production uses hundreds of billions of gallons of water, over 250,000 tons of chlorine, and requires a huge expenditure of energy in manufacturing and transportation.  Not to mention the impact on city sewer systems required in processing paper downstream.  Bidets consume only about an eighth of a gallon per use, so the water savings add up quickly.  Bidet usage could play a huge part in reducing environmental impact.

The cost-effective GoBidet Handheld Bidet sprayer is the first in this line. While most handheld sprayers on the market today are repurposed shower head or sink sprayers, the GoBidet Handheld is designed expressly as a bidet.  It features a contemporary appearance that fits in well with other bathroom fixtures, and it easily mounts to the wall or the side of the toilet for quick installation and storage.

IN2 Danco Handheld with Callouts

The GoBidet Handheld Bidet sprayer is the first of this product line to hit the shelves, and it is already making a big splash in the market.  With its low price and user-centered, purpose-specific design, it has quickly outperformed competing models.  You can find it here.  

Stay tuned for updates as IN2 and Danco continue to change the market with other new GoBidet offerings.

IN2 Danco Handheld in Package