Design for healthy lifestyles.


Jokari Inc. came to IN2 Innovation with a compelling opportunity. What can we do to promote wellness and help people prepare and consume meals in a happier, healthier way?  And, as an additional challenge, they need to be very affordable with an average retail price around $5 each. In the end, we created an initial line up of 10 innovative, portion control kitchen gadgets and preparation tools promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

IN2 Innovation began by spending time with individuals and families while they cooked and prepared meals and discussed their hurried lifestyles, eating habits and cuisine desires.  Our research led us to some interesting findings.  Most importantly, people wanted simple ways to be reminded what correct portions looked like, so they don’t prepare more than they should be eating.  Simply put, portion control is key. 


Throughout the front end of the project, we evaluated existing kitchen gadgets. Working with a certified nutritionist to fully understand key nutritional requirements and proper portions, we brainstormed on how we could convert the most basic tools like a spatula, slotted spoon, ladle, strainer etc. into measuring devices.   We created test models and tried them out in working kitchens, including our own.


As the product list developed, we set out to create an aesthetic that matched the simplicity of use.  A rounded form fitting handle was designed that could be used on many of the different products allowing us to reduce the cost of the individual items.  A bright and cheery green was chosen for the handle to portray a fresh and wellness feeling while allowing the tools to be easily spotted in a crowded gadget drawer or vessel.  An accompanying gray color with minimal texture was selected to highlight the measurement markings molded into the product, eliminating the cost of printing and to make sure the markings would not wear off over time. Gray was also utilized to contrast with the food, to visually reinforce the size of the proportions.


For food preparation, we wanted to provide multi-use options in the tools, enhancing the product offerings and minimizing the need for multiple, separate tools in the kitchen drawer.  Several of the products offer 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 feature sets such as the Citrus Pro which can ream, zest, peel and create citrus garnish all with one tool.


Today, the products are distributed worldwide under the Healthy Steps brand and have helped many individuals take control of their eating habits, lose weight, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

IN2 Innovation was instrumental in bringing the majority of the products from the initial discovery of the opportunity, through design, development and deployment into the marketplace.