What's your home style?


There is a vast array of different home styles and architecture throughout the country.  How can we quickly identify and capture the nuances to create a strategic style guide?

Legrand engaged with IN2 Innovation to conduct an extensive Home Style Analysis program for North America with a goal to collect specific descriptions, decor information and trend identification to help guide Legrand’s future product design and development programs. 

To complete a project of this scale within a tight timeframe, a detailed plan was crafted allowing the research to be conducted with the assistance of five participating Industrial Design schools throughout the US, orchestrated by IN2 Innovation.  This approach captured a vast array of different actual home types while minimizing overall cost and time schedules.  The research and analysis captured approximately 50 different home types from five different geographic regions in the US. 


We produced 7 home style frameworks that define and identify trends in Color, Material and Finishes (CMF) delivered in digital format and large wall posters for quick reference in the Legrand NA Design Studio. The CMF and trend analysis continues to influence large product design and development successes during recent years with frequent product launches in big box retail chains.