Delivering power where you want it,
when you want it, how you want it.


Whether it’s your ever growing number of mobile devices, your home office or bedroom side table, there never seems to be enough power outlets - especially where you want them. And how do you tackle that giant mess of cables everywhere?

Legrand / Wiremold engaged IN2 Innovation to research, design and develop a product line of extended power products and charging stations with integrated cable management that delivers power where you want it, while hiding unsightly cable clutter. 


Research visits into homes and work environments revealed how people use and interface with standard wall receptacles, and what types of appliances and products were used in certain areas of the environments.

The excessive mess of power strips and cord and cable clutter was prominent everywhere we went - a frustration point to most people.


One product to emerge from the research is the USB / Multi-Outlet Charging Station focused on a simple and convenient way to charge portable devices like tablets and smart phones and expand the number of grounded outlets.  Cord and cable clutter is managed with an integrated channel system that gets cables off the floor or counter and hides them from view, while providing direct access to the outlets.  The charging station has built in surge protection a compact package allowing for 7 outlets to fit into a receptacle mounted device so there’s always enough power options.


The Legrand Charging Station is a simple plug ‘n play solution for DIYers to get power where they want it, and tame the cable clutter beast.