Want to share your new favorite playlist?


If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ve seen the  abundance of portable bluetooth speakers on the market.  How can we find a niche and create a more social and sharing experience?

SPKR is a electronic lifestyle exploration project for portable speakers to be enjoyed in a communal listening experience.  Multiple concepts were generated targeting specific use scenarios, with some shared here.

Active Lifestyle Speaker

The Active Lifestyle Speaker is targeted to active urban men and women with design inspiration drawn from the jogging and active cultures of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Nixon, surf / skate brands and Range Rover.  The product’s focus is a rugged, outdoor ready product that is at home in the sand at the beach, yet sleek and elegant enough for an urban apartment.


Play your favorite tracks through big sound speakers while keeping your phone water and element proof.  Perfect for the beach, park, or anywhere outdoors. 


Party Music Box

The Party Music Box is a communal interactive speaker with big sound, intended to encourage multi-user involvement through physical interaction of music selection - jukebox style.

Multiple users connect to the device with a phone or tablet via Bluetooth, creating a social listening experience. During play, listeners control music settings, such as volume or changing tracks, with the removable control module.  Shaking the module advances the track, so anyone at the party can be the DJ.


Generating interest unique to the ubiquitous bluetooth speaker market, the SPKR concepts explore new social and lifestyle product interaction experiences.

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