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Encore Fuel Dispenser CIM


Project Showcase


Modernized gas pump user interaction & experience.

Designed for a Global Platform

Gas dispensers come in a multitude of different variations.  What if we could fit all of the arrangements into one chassis while enhancing the user experience?

IN2 set out to create a modular interface panel platform for the many variations a fuel provider would desire while updating display technology with 5.7” monochrome displays to 10.4” color touch screens.  The greatest challenge was fitting all component options (secure PIN pads, card readers, cash acceptors, barcode scanners) into a single chassis while achieving the highest level of human factors and ergonomics.

Our work began by creating User / Use maps for existing fuel dispensers to study the number of steps a patron was expected to perform during an average fueling event.  We also evaluated the movements of the user and distances between steps to identify the opportunities where steps could be reduced and workflow could be enhanced.  

Proper viewing angles for the screens were best determined to minimize glare, and the keypad was rotated back into the unit to a defined tilt for easier access and enhanced security when entering personal data.  The component layout was configured to minimize confusion and provide ease of maintaining and cleaning for the owner. 

With a single chassis platform, better ergonomics and a design language that  instills confidence and comfort for the user, the Encore has become one of the best selling fuel dispensers in the market worldwide.



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