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Sota Oven


Project Showcase


"Would you like a hot croissant with
your latte this morning?"

Your local Starbucks can ask this question, thanks to the Sota Oven.

TurboChef and IN2 teamed up to create a unique and inviting design solution for Starbucks that combined the extraordinary SpeedCook technology with an easy to use interface. The inspiration for the oven originated from the Starbucks store interior along with a combination of mid-century vehicles and appliances.

Soft and sculptured forms, robust materials and multiple textures help create an oven design that promotes ‘home cooking,’ with a focus on speed.  The polished aluminum trim bezel around the interface promotes the high-tech elements of the oven along with a large chrome medallion badge to celebrate the brand. 

01_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota v2.jpg
02_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota.jpg
03_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota.jpg

By capturing the spirit of the Starbucks environment we created an approachable product that builds the warm, hearty Starbucks customer experience, enhancing their morning beverage ritual.



04_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota.jpg
05_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota.jpg
06_IN2 Website_TurboChef Sota.jpg
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