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"Guardian" Battery Chargers

Interstate Batteries

Project Showcase


Charged Up And Ready-To-Go

Marketing_IB Guardian Studio.jpg

When it comes to automotive and powersports batteries, dependability is everything. Interstate Batteries has been a trusted battery provider for over 70 years, and they identified an opportunity to extend their product line into battery chargers and maintainers through the Amazon e-commerce channel. Whether you’re jumping in your car for your work commute or are a weekend warrior wanting to hit the open road on your bike, a dead battery is downright frustrating.


Partnering once again with Interstate Batteries, the rugged and powerful Visual Brand Language IN2 established for the Pulse and Wave Battery Testers, was implemented into 2 different battery chargers, a small 1.2A and a more powerful 4.0A model.

IB Guardian Sketch Page.jpg

Compact and portable, the form and Color, Materials, and Finish (CMF) visually articulate the Interstate brand to a new set of consumers. Constructed from reinforced plastic and rubber over molded textures provide durability meant to last. Quick user focused research provided insights that drove unique details such as slotted ‘side wings’ designed to provide extra support, be used as tie-down features for securing the charger, or simply hanging it on pegboards for out-of-vehicle charging. 


If you’ve ever had the frustration of experiencing a dead battery and need to bring it back to life, or want to ensure your boat, motorcycle or ATV is ready-to-go at a moment’s notice – the Guardian Charger + Maintainer has your back.

Marketing_IB Guardian 1 Context 01.jpg
Marketing_IB Guardian 4 Context 02.jpg
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