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 IB Pulse Visual Brand Language

Interstate Batteries

Project Showcase


Unapologetically Tough 

Marketing_IB VBL 01_web.jpg

With the design and development of the IB Pulse Battery tester, Interstate Batteries had the chance to establish a Visual Brand Language as part of a strategic plan to innovate products beyond just the battery. As part of the Human Centered Design effort for the Pulse, research confirmed that technicians take pride in their work, and that the appearance of the tools mattered. It revealed their choice of tools reflect their personalities and extension of their work ethic; their tools are considered trophies and are prominently displayed in their toolbox as a sense of honor. 

The result is a Visual Brand Language forged to be unapologetically rugged, focused on usability and durability. The aggressive personality is balanced with ergonomic details incorporating proportioned weight, multiple grip zones, and clever cable management & mounting features.  

The Pulse VBL has expanded to include a line of new products, including the IB Wave - a compact battery tester that connects directly to a smartphone or tablet. The Interstate Guardian 1 and 4 are a new line of multi-purpose battery chargers and maintainers.  

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